Introducing Trivec Kitchen Display System

We’re happy to introduce our new Kitchen Display System. Now you can trade your printers for touchscreens and have full control of the kitchen workflow. All tickets will be routed immediately to the correct screen. Each chef can easily follow where they are in the process because of the simple and colourful design...

Kitchen Display System


  •  Each order is sent to the KDS screens
  • A chef starts preparing what he/she sees on screen
  • When done, the chef checks the item on screen, and everyone knows he is finished
  • All staff members collaborate on the same ticket.
  • When the ticket is done, it disappears from the screen.

Key Features

  • You can configure your kitchen stations to see the orders/tickets the station has to make
  • Click on the screen to notify other chefs you have started preparing the order
  • Tickets will automatically go in and out of a transit state when needed. This helps keeping the screen clean and organised
  • A summary is included informing the chefs what needs to be made and what is coming up.
  • Different colours are used to mark different courses, takeaway etc.
  • A summary function that shows how many dishes, such as burgers, that the chef should do in total.
  • Chefs have full control over the kitchen workflow and can do more in less time.