“This is how Göteborgsfamiljen saves money on reduced food waste”

Restaurateurs Göteborgsfamiljen chose Trivec because the checkout solutions are flexible to cope with growth and because Trivec’s back-office solutions support their road to sustainability. They run around 20 well-known restaurants in Gothenburg, such as Taverna Averna, Moreno pizza and Levantine.

”Trivec’s back-office function in combination with the Generation Waste app allows us to measure and weigh food waste per guest and evening and link all sales to purchases. This means that we constantly work smarter,” says Andreas Wallenthin, Beverage Manager at Göteborgsfamiljen.

Saves time, money and the environment

In addition to using Trivec’s reporting function, Göteborgsfamiljen has connected the company to Generation Waste, which has an app that measures and weighs all food waste per guest. Everything that is sold in the restaurants is recorded and reconciled against the stock balance in Trivec’s report function. This means that they never order too much of any item and always link sales to purchases.

“Sustainability is part of our DNA. Everything that comes back on the plates is measured and weighed and calculated on the number of guests per day. We then match these figures against data for purchases and stock in Trivec’s system. We can see in black and white how much food waste we have per day and guest. Then we can work actively to reduce it,” says Andreas.

Through Trivec’s back-office function, Andreas can also easily see which dishes are most popular. If, for example, a particular vegetable is trending, the menus are composed to include that vegetable, but prepared in different ways so that nothing is left to waste. One dish on the menu has the vegetable cooked, one is based on stock made from the skin, and another on roasted skin from the same vegetable.

Because they can see what is sold, what is popular, and what is trending in the industry, they can easily give the guests what they want from an environmental perspective. The data is also used when training the staff in how to use raw materials intelligently in cooking.

“In addition to trends that can be discerned from the numbers, it’s important for us to offer new vegetarian concepts in time. We have a rooftop garden where we grow our vegetables – as locally produced raw materials are in vogue – and by doing this we want to influence and lead by example,” he says.

Andreas explains how the report function in MyTrivec is simple, flexible and user-friendly and has meant that Göteborgsfamiljen saves a lot of time and money annually on planning the cooking.

“We plan the dishes, and we compose the menus according to demand,” says Andreas.

How do you work with Trivec’s POS system today?

Göteborgsfamiljen has 20 POS solutions from Trivec, including several mobile POS, Trivec Go units, with tablets integrated into the existing environment since mobile points of sale facilitate their operations. They also have the Trivec Handy devices that make it easier for the staff to take orders at the tables. Furthermore, they use QR codes on receipts for easy payment at busy times like lunch when everyone wants to pay at the same time.

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