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Restaurant An Nam reached new customer groups with QR-codes

Michael Vu, who runs An Nam on Tegnérgatan, believes that more people should try QR codes in the restaurant.

QR codes have a low investment risk, are easy to test, and don’t require significant implementation. We quickly reached entirely new customer groups,» says Michael.

New customer groups with QR codes

Michael Vu owns and operates Restaurang An Nam on Tégnergatan together with his mother. Several of his siblings are also involved in the restaurant, which offers Vietnamese specialty dishes for lunch. For Michael, who had considered QR codes for a while before deciding, there is no hesitation.

I noticed that I reached a new group with QR codes quite quickly. I’m particularly thinking of the guest group who wants to order directly, eat their food, then pay and leave without seeking personal contact during lunch,» he says.

For guests who don’t want to both order and pay with QR codes, there is a large customer group that only wants to pay with QR codes.

I soon noticed how especially regulars are attracted to QR codes as a payment option. Regulars often prefer to order through our staff but want to pay the bill more quickly,» says Michael.

Karma + Trivec

Michael is pleased with the integration between Trivec’s POS system and Karma’s QR code solution. He finds the POS system user-friendly and clear, and believes more people should try the QR code solution.

I especially appreciated how Trivec provided training in the system when we started using it; it allowed us to get started quickly and get to know the system. For Trivec, long-term relationships are important, and it shows,» he says.

Products from Trivec

At An Nam, Trivec has installed a stationary POS system and integrated it with Karma.

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