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Eleda stadion

«We have 7,000 transactions in 20 minutes and the pos always works smoothly»

At Eleda Stadion, there are over 14,000 transactions during a match. About 7,000 of these occur during the 20-minute halftime.

Trivec’s stable operational and server capacity handles over 7,000 transactions simultaneously in 20 minutes.

The pos system has never frozen and its extremely high user-friendliness means we don’t lose time when new staff have to take payments at a fast pace, says Marcus Lehtonen.

At Eleda Stadium, it’s often very busy. If it’s not matches with large crowds, it’s corporate events or conferences with high purchase pressure at the bar. With around 80 stationary pos and 150 payment terminals, Eleda Stadium handles the high purchase pressure that occurs before matches and during halftime. A halftime is usually about 20 minutes, and at the bar during a corporate event, there can be high purchase pressure for an hour.

Reliable pos system that never freezes

During matches, there can be as many as 14,000 transactions in just over 2 hours. Then, 80 stationary pos are used, distributed among 56 kiosks. 12 of these are placed around the arena in temporary kiosks before the match.

We have 40% of our turnover during halftime. We needed a pos system that could handle high-intensity purchase peaks of 7,000 transactions or more during the 20-minute halftime. Trivec’s cash register system has never had any issues with server work and never freezes in the software, says Marcus.

Extremely high user-friendliness saves time for new staff

Staff turnover at an arena is 50% per year. This means that many of the 250 people working during a match are new staff. For them, the pos system is easy to understand thanks to the color codes, structure, and the few clicks required in the system.

During halftime, every second is precious, and the staff must be able to sell quickly and efficiently, which they can do. We are very satisfied with how the system works, he says.

Support Trivec’s support helps if anything arises. Marcus is very satisfied with Trivec’s knowledgeable technicians and support staff who provide advice before and during matches when needed.

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